Saturday, May 16, 2009

Almost done..

it been a while since the hurricane passes by my life.A few task to be done, before the finish line.tiring.well studying is always a big thing.cant just take it lightly.some target must be appointed.

well,i cud say a *SIGH* shud be pronounced now but without the dessertation being finished, since then i wud never have the peace in me.

two days ago i went back to the place where i state as a memorable pastime site to be rediscovered. And well,as i thought it would be like,it falls exactly to what i intended it would be like.i see his work,nothing much change from the way he develop his critical and creative ideas.more matured from the design thinking. i adore his passion and his work in anything, still the same as the first time i see his potential working by the corner of the intense but dedicated.thats what makes me fall for him.Ho hard it was i know he's a very strong guy.And i know he's strong enough to face the coming turbulance.Its just that sadness surrounds me everytime i think that he could actually live without me.unlike what he pronounce before,how much he needs me in life,and how much he cant live without me.really an irony to realise that actually its me who misses his absence.a reality i'm really scared of, BEING LEFT.

However i take it as a chance, a positive one looking at life. There must always a reason behind everything that Allah arrange things to be so. Maybe its not a good thing to have him now, but probably later.I wish. I pray. Keep on praying maybe one day he shall realises how much he love and misses me the way i do. May time cure every sadness and mistakes.May time bring joyness and happiness in both of us.I can only see future with him. *Prayed again*. if truely the best is with him then may Allah gives me strength to remain him in this heart.However if he's not the best then please Allah,help me to forget him,to be fair to the special guy i'll be marrying one day.Ameen.

Well, i guess i'm sleepy rite now.maybe next time.Not having mood to write.Later.Salam.