Monday, March 14, 2011

MashaAllah...Let him shine Allah :)


I saw him

I caught myself wandering and finding him

I found peace and love

I found more than just happiness within

But safety of akhirah that leads me to wanting him

MashaAllah this person

Is more than just attraction of look

Is more than just a piece of art

Is more than just a valuable thing to keep

Everytime i look, brings a lot of happiness

Reminds me to akhirah

Reminds me to Muhammad ya Rasulullah

Reminds me of Allah

He is a person that shines

That the glow makes me attracted to him.

Allah can you give me this beautiful person who shines

For him to teach me and guide me to You with his love.

MashaAllah..i wanted to be guided and to guide towrds righteous,

Please let him keep on glowing,

Please let him be a stronger person to leads Islam to the world

Please let him be a person who bring remembrance among us to you Allah

Please let him be a person who brings ukhwah among us 'rajul'

Please protect his imaan and taqwa

Please protect his islaam and ihsaan

Please guide us to be a better person.

MashaAllah. This love :)


Anonymous said...

whoooo ya dik?

Anonymous said...

he's a guy who does Islamic study in Al-Azhar in Egypt i supposed? Dont know him much but he's just a friend from primary school. Just someone i adore. Nothing special :)

Btw sometimes i dropped by your blog and read, trying to comment but i cant get through. Do you know why and how for it to accept my comments?