Thursday, July 2, 2009

::Ya Allah Ya Rabb ::

I would like to state feelings that i had,i just want to share what i feel is right.But seems like thousand of words, sometimes are unheard,sometime aren't well appreciated, However know that someone really hears you out there. ALLAH the ALMIGHTY.

He hears what's hidden, which havent exist,
He knows what's been in our mind before we really think of it,
He knows what happens next when we are calculating and planning our fate

Allahuakbar! Subhanallah~

I know whats stated now is the best for me. It might be painful, but Allah knows every single beat taken place.
I just wish i could be an optimistic person, looking at life. In every single events that took place, whether its a beautiful happy story, or bad ending story, or never ending sadness,...i just wish that i could see it optimistically beautiful,without questioning why this and why that. ALlah knows.

Loneliness is really what every human afraid of. Nothing less, people just cant live without another. Even Prophet Adam AS are destinied till the end to be with Hawa, the girl fated for her,by Allah. I may be paralized, i may be breathless, i may look weak...i missed his existance.

And if only he knows how much this heart breaks.
If only he hears the tears that drops
If only he counts how many times i whispered his name on my lips,praying

Only Allah knows, looking at this pitty girl waiting for her love to come back.
Everytime i felt so weak, i hope i could see the nicest part of the worst, gain back my energy and stand stronger raising my belief.

I LOVE TALKING TO MYSELF.It reminds me of who i am.

I like to remind myself of who i am really, what i'm aiming in this life, who i love, my weakness and strength. Because everytime i speak, i know i could hear it.My mind digest it. My faults I realised it.Its more deeper than just talking nothing. Nothing wrong of contemplating, and think deep.
Maybe sometimes i felt sad, because i...
Hope that the person i love
Will be a best friend of mine...
Hearing the voice of my heart more than anyone else do....
Look at my heart beautifully more than anyone else do....
Taking me importantly more than anyone else do....
Thinking of me deeper than anyone else do. ....
Concentrate to me when everyone else isnt....

Its a real hope of this heart. And i once met him, just before he left, choosing to change his mask. I see nothing but sadness and frust.[keep on praying for him to get Hidayah from ALlah-may Allah leads his path..ameen]

Well, alast, i realised.Afterall, the only love i have eternally is meant for ALLAH SWT.
He's the one who acompany me the year before yesterday, even before i know the word..'duniya'.
He's the first friend i met when i born in this world
He's the friend in sadness and madness of this threathening, tough world
He's the friend indeed to supply me love, health and wealth
He guided me to lead a better life
He teaches me to be strong when i fall deeper into crisis and storm.
And in barzakh he's still with me accompanying
Until Akhirah,the future is still him..Dear Allah!

I just hope my Love for you dear God is the greatest,honoured than anything else.
I prayed my love for you could leave me breathing, surviving
I wants my love for you dear Allah is the purest(nothing more)
I hoped my love for you dear God save me duniya akhirah.
I hoped my love for you coud made me an optimistic person,looking at life and its challenges.

May Allah leads my way. I need nothing more but you, my Lord, my friend, my God. Allah Ya Rabb.