Monday, August 17, 2009

Protect Him Dear Allah !!

It has been a while since i haven't drop by into this blog. Since my heart felt the emptiness of the ambiance. Since what has been gone felt dryer and evaporated.But these few days Allah has been raising my memory to him, the person i love, i used to love and ...

I've been avoiding to think about him for these few weeks,but i guess Allah still needing me by his side. As i found my self not thinking about him, trying to find peace within me, the memories of him appear back to me these few days. How much he change, how i see him loosing himself make me sad. Because i once has seen the most beautiful part of him, and now he appears to be totally different. Disloyal.Irresponsible for his words and action.He's not displaying himself and the name he's carrying.

Oh Allah! I pray for you, to forgive his sins and mistakes, show him the correct path to your kindness and love,under your protection towards the challenging duniya. I pledge tu you dear Allah, to teach him Islam.To give him the Nur Kasih.In anyway that may seem impossible to be as said, "Qun fayaQuun". I believe in you dear Allah, the most Powerful, Loving, Kind and Protector, to put Syed Muhammad Qayyum Alhasyimi and his family under your protection, with the blessing and support of Prophet Muhammad SAW as the great granfather, the most wiseful example for human being. Allah, i dont see any other miracle except you who granted it, who can help him improve himself. Ameen Ya Rabbal 'Alameen.

How many hatred has gone and disappear,only love kept me living until now. How i appear to love a person, is not only love in the duniya,which almost everyone couldnot understand why should i stand still, being patience, keep praying for the person who have done bad to me. The love of the Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim teaches me to be patience, strong, sincere of loving a person.
Even Muhammad SAW shows a very great example when he treated a Musyrikeen, who throws rocks and injured the prophet, by replying with duas and visited her when she falls sick. Subhanallah! This great man should be place under Allah's kindness.Always. InshaALlah.

Allah knows sincerity,and how to replace it with hikmah. Sadness that grows within me,looking at him falling. I am more likely to feel pity than happy. If only i could help...and i may need an approval to do so. Last time, when we're together, i dont have the 'haq' to be the strongest influence to him. Limits dont allow me to help much.But i know if there's a recogition exist, inshaAllah i can help to guide him to be a better person. Its just that HE'S LOOSING HIMSELF AND I HOPE ALLAH WILL HELP TO LEADS HIM TO THE CORRECT PATH.InshaAllah.Ameen.Fi amanillah Syed Muhammad Qayyum Alhasyimi.

With Love,


rakki hidenka said...

hi shaza was here!

Me said...

salamualeykum i've met with him yesterday..indeed..he looks different.I think he is pretending like there's nothing wrong with him..but actually he is not okay at all.Akak and sibings rasa dia dah lain...May Allah guide him inshaAllah.

with duas,

Anonymous said...

waalaikumussalam wr wb,
yes,i really need duas n prayers(esp from his family) for that Allah will help him through the duniya challenges.Waiting for a miracle,miracle of Ramadhan Kareem.Allah,show us the power of dua.inshaALlah.