Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Working is it going to be?

Tommorow is going to be my first day working since last studying. I get really nervous as i was not interviewed but said to be accepted by the recommendation from my lecturers from the university. MashaAllah.. their trust made me nervous that i'm afraid i couldnt achieve their standard or expectation.

Oh Allah i seek peace and calm in myself. And hope blessing from u to give me the best working environment and workmates. I hope your easiness for them to accept me and let me learn by time.

Alhamdulillah i am truely so thankful that u are too kind to grant me rezki and jobs that i applied for very soon and that is really unexpected. thank you Allah. Thank you Allah....

How much i deeply see, that ALlah is loving me. I hope i could give more than what He Allah ever granted. Subhanallah. May Allah be with me.



Syima said...

lectrr kenal org2 kat tmpt u kerja ke?

Me said...

sayang..tahniah ye ^_^..akak happy for u

rakki hidenka said...

syima,yes dia kenal en. embong.rupenya dia rujuk en. embong for recommendation.

kak,thank you, and most of al,thank Allah.alhamdulillah ^-^