Monday, September 28, 2009

Sakinah please come...

Lately, i have been in a intermediate mood, being too talkative, and sometimes too reserved,quiet. As people around me doesnt seem to understand who i really am, a very sensitive person towards a certain thing to life. What i need is just respect and understanding. Everyone has their own weaknesses, that they cant get to change(due to scientific reason and not a purposed habit).

I love peace. I love calm. I love politeness n manners. Cant they understand? that i hated war and quarrels. I do not like to talk in a rude manner. I do not like to speak in a very high tone. I dislike to feel unhappy with people around me. I dislike arguements and makes myself looks rude. So i need everyone to just accept me for who i am. I'm just a straight forward person, i dont talk much at others weaknesses but try to accept them totally for who they are. I am easy to forgive. So please, I need some peace in mind.

I need people to respect me the way i respected them.
I need people to try to understand me the way i try my best to understand them.
I need to be loved the way i loved them.
I need to be trusted the way i trusted them.
I need people to accept me the way i accepted every single one of them
I mean it....that

I LOVE PEACE (sakinah)

...because i know, Sakinah ( my third name is there)

So please dont break my heart by pointing towards me and make me mad.
Anything that disgrace me, is something that disrespect me.
Anything that makes me sad, is something that really tears me apart

Cant take it especialy if it came from the very own family. T-T

Please do understand.