Saturday, April 18, 2009

Half an April... Restless.

This morning i woke up late.not like what i intended to do nor plan.My cold still dont go away, and my head still feels like spinning.I think i rest enough.Just that my body seems not to have enough energy to produce any work for now.It worries me a lot. Feeling unhealthy and above all, produceless! i hate it. Contemplating the bunch of works but still cant focus to any part of it.Allah, only u know what's up with me and the whole system in me.I'm tired but i just cudn't stop.Only acceleration is needed in time like this.Cant wait for the holiday to come, but at the same time praying that the semester will end later.May Allah be with me in my jihad.May Allah leads me stronger in the 'meaningful' April.Some date are just too meaning ful to me n in my life, and i cant afford to totally tear it out of my calender eventhough its too meaningful that it hurts too much. Dear love, i hope you hear every single tears i had.Dear love, i hope you reminds of me every single time i think of you.Dear love, i hope you hear every prayer i made for us. May Allah gives us another chance.I hope, always hope and become more stronger without you.Thank God i found you.