Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Structure Ended!

Well,what a relieve that i've finished my structure final paper.AND THE BEST PART IS I'LL BE THE LAST STRUCTURE PAPER NOW!! congrats dear.How i wish the peace of mind could come and the burden seems lighter.I love this feeling. P.E.A.C.E.

Today is quite a funny day, i woke up and went back to take bath.Went back to the studio later and had a chat with some friends.Later a friend Hidayah asked to accompany her back home.Well, i did! I said i wud want to sleep while waiting for her taking her bath but guess wut it ended to be a 3hour quality sleep!Dayah didnt woke me up straight right after her bath, but she watched TV shows, chatting wif her siblings, and later slept!OMG ..

The best thing is that, i never felt like it was wasting time...i know my body need some rest and retreating is the best ever thing to do.Thanks to Allah for giving me some space to taste some peace in mind.It has been a very long time since the business keep on bugging me.

Guess wut, i just need to sign out since my studiomates (ariff and hafeez) are trying to break through this green blackhole of mine.May ::Searching Rainbows:: oweys be the calmest place for me to seek sakinah.InshaAllah.May Allah bless us.Ameen =) Till then.Wassalam