Friday, June 26, 2009

Internal Conflict

i feel too empty this few days, as i browse through facebook's quizzes to make me a bit happier,...i just discovered a few things in me..

Answer : 85% that he IS THE ONE
Description : He's a keeper. Treasure the moments you two spend together and you
will soon find yourself at the launch of an extraordinary experience.

If only what stated is so true...I'm not sure how he felt about me the days we're together.But in me i just feel that he is being himself. A strong person that really tried his best for our good.But only Allah knows.

Answer :100% in love(soulmates)

If only there's more option in the answer list, i thought of choosing,..INFINITY.
Infinity in love with him.SMQASY.

Answer : 110% in love with you

I can see that too,when my thought flashes back into the past. I'm just not sure why things turn bad later...I love and always love him,InshaAllah...

Answer : You and your partner are 97% compatible

This answer makes me sad...Is there any chances for us to get back together? Dear Allah, please do accept my duas n wishes.Not only me.He once stated that I'm his dream.To be with me.To be the father of my children.That's what he once dreamt of. I hope he never forget it.

5- Relationship Evaluation Quiz
Answer :

I just...missed him T-T

6- What's your soulmate like?
Answer : Your soul mate is sensitive and attentive. He / she takes pleasure in making sure both of you feel comfortable, secure and blissful in the relationship. He / she incorporates all the virtues of being trust-worthy, loyal, and a good listener. You'll find yourself so pampered in the relationship that you would never want to leave.

He once was that person.Its just that he left, with some reason-only he knows.He may have some weakness, but i guess every human made mistakes, learn from mistakes, and improve by time. I just dream of a chance.If ever i made him disapointed, i just hope that he may give me another chance to improve.

7- Is she/he crushing you back?
Answer : He is falling for you

Hope its true. That he never forgets me. Because this love i'm having never faded. The worst part is that, i dont know how to leave, even after you've left. Love you dear.. T-T

8- What love quote are you?
Answer : "Make me immortal with a kiss"
--Christopher Marlowe

Everytime he tried to kiss me,i rejected.But i wanted him to understand, that its not that i dont want pampered him with it, its just that i know i have no legal license to do so-we're not married, and i respect my position.I may hurt Allah by doing so.I believe this love need blessing from survive.InshaAllah.

9- Apakah ciri-ciri pasangan hidup anda?
Answer : bertanggungjwb,penyayang dan beriman

tahniah!!pasangan anda adalah seorang yang bertanggungjwb, mengambil berat, mampu membimbing anda dan mampu menjadi nakhoda rumah tangga yang baik..kerana sifat2 anda ada padanya,,lelaki yang baik adalah untuk wanita yang baik dan sebaliknya...

When i get this answer, my tears do fall.I mean it. Those phrases really do reminds me of you dear. I rememer the first time i fall for you, when i hear your reading the Qunut doa in your Subuh prayer.

10- Calculate BMI
Answer : RESULT
Your BMI is 18. You are Underweight. You should eat more to have an ideal weight.

BMI index cannot be used as a sole method to evaluate someone's health. Please visit your doctor to have a complete evaluation of your health.
This BMI calculator is only suitable for adults.

If only i could add more my weight to reach my normal one.I loose to many after breaking up.My body is responding to my emotional state now i guess.I'm happy but i miss a really big thing now.Him.

I was never this stress before. I was never this unclear with where i'm going to.I was never having this complication. This love ever since i met, teaches me to be honest and loyal.This love i ever since i met, really put in a serious and detail desicion. I'm really drown in it. This conflict i really am,having it,inside....

Owh Allah! I prayed for my sakinah to come back one day.