Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's him..=)

I met him. In his page.he updated about 2 weeks ago.well,to me it's good enough to see him updating the account. I'll be sadder if he really think of throwing away the account.Because the accounts really reminds him of me..

Alhamdulillah when i see him updating, i felt a bit happier.

He post a shoutout : "For the love of God"
inshaAllah dear, my support is with you.Always. =)
The thing that make me smile is that, he didn't delete any of the pictures i editted for him, with a tag NbNozinLovesU at below right.
His profile picture, the one i editted for him with a sign, " he's a very shy guy"..Alhamdulillah he still left it there,as usual.
And the secret code we have...he stil keep it too.Ameen.

May Allah leads his way. I really love him. And hope that he really loves me too.

Dear ALlah, please do always protect him wherever he goes, whatever he do,,stay beside him and show him when he's wrong.Sent my sakinah to him.Peace be upon me too,Ameen..