Monday, June 29, 2009

Whisper from the heart....

There are something that should havent been so stormy
There are something that have been so confusing
There are something that cannot be adjusted
There are some moment that cant be change or folded

I see no way of regtreting
I see no way of turning
I see no way of lying

The reality states the truth, what's been done and what's not.

No fault of being a loving person
No fault of being an honest person
No fault of being a loyal person
No fault of being a thouhgtful person

That everytime i felt like leaving,
That every tears that drops daily,
That every feelings that bleed,
That every heart that tears apart

I keep on breathing, surviving
I keep on praying
I keep on believing
I keep on forgiving,

Every steps you take
Every single mistakes
Every hurt you made
Every love you gave

Is the love from Allah
Is the love i need to take care of
Because i really love you, duniya akhirah

If i fly high, i wanted you to fly highier too
If i success, i wanted you to success too
If I'm happy, i need you to have all hapiness in this world
If I live, dear Allah, i really need him with me....


A chance...

...when light meets the rain..."